The Aura is a field of magical energy prevalent throughtout the world. Its origin is unclear. some believe it is the accumulated life force of living beings, while others believe it to be a merely another type of energy seeping in from some other place. The last theory seems to most likely, as the aura is often found surrounding a node of concentrated mystical energy known as an Aura Node.

[aura node picture to be placed]

Each aura node has a base amount of magical energy it can contain. If this energy dips lower it will try and recharge its self back to the base level. It does this by either borrowing energy from nearby auras, or by being recharged by infused ore nearby. Whenever a node is above or below this base number it randomly gereates Flux as it struggles to return to it's base level.

Aura nodes vary in strength, size and location and so far four types have been discovered:

  • Normal nodes without any special atributes
  • Pure nodes that cleanse themselves of Flux
  • Unstable nodes that generate Flux
  • Dark nodes that pump forth malign energy

The Aura can be tapped by a thaumaturge to power his magical devices and spells. Energy that has been harvested in this manner is known as Vis.